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FTR Ad for LightPaper2.png

The advert shown above, appeared in the issue 5 (January 2021) of the light Truthpaper. Unfortunately the white lettering in small type did not print very well. So here is what the advert said:

Use the coupon code TheLight100 to claim your reward on the Free Thinkers website (i.e. this website).

Well done in managing to get here - presumably using the QR code.

If you would like to make a £10 donation to the Light Truthpaper, buy the product below. If you apply the promo code TheLight100 - in the box on the checkout screen - the £10 price will reduce to £Nil. So you can make a donation for free (the reward).   The donation will be made by a charity associated with the Free thinkers called the OM Peace Foundation (on your behalf)

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