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This page contains various files and documents referred to in the Free Thinkers Report

Celestial Breathing

Celestial BreathingEra of Peace & OM
00:00 / 20:34

Celestial Breathing mp3. Created by OM (Ocean Melchizedek) using the words and voice of Patricia Cota Robles from Era of Peace - vlog180 (with permission)The background music is 432hz Miracle tone provided under a royalty free licence from Power Thoughts Meditation Club

French army report on 5G and Covid-19


Click on download button to download the pdf file of the French Army report

HU Meditation

hu songEckanhar
00:00 / 19:56

Hu Chant - Love Song to God. From Eckanhar

Shambhala Warrior

One of my favourite explanations of the ancient prophecy in the Kalachakra Tantra of the Kingdom of Shambhala, by Jonna Macy.

Planetary Healers - Yorkshire

PHY Banner.png

Planetary Healers - Yorkshire plan to set up a City of Light in York under the auspices of the Group of Forty.

Rose Gold Flame as antidote

RoseGoldFlameOcean & Magenta Pixie
00:00 / 20:35

Rose Gold Flame as Antidote to the Black Box programme by Magenta Pixie and the Nine.

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