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FTR 25Sept20 Global Reset, Mars/Saturn square, medicine Wheel and 144K daily practice

The Big Picture and more from the Free Thinkers Group – York and London. For people who think outside the box.

Item 1 - Big Picture: Global Reboot Era of Peace latest blog about the Reboot –

Economic Forum - the Great Reset book discussed by Legalise Freedom -

Magenta Pixie’s 5 YouTubes on the ending of the Kali Yuga -

And the next 4 YouTubes.

Charlie Ward on Nesara/Gesara -

Item 2 - Energetics: Mars – Saturn square Cobra report on success of Mass Meditations -

Item 3 – Spiritual Practice: Medicine Wheel protection field & Daily meditation Medicine Wheel protection field - Daily Meditation for the planet -

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