Free Thinkers Report

We have a BitChute channel (moved over from YouTube) - please see the Free Thinkers Report page for details. The Report covers:

  1. Big Picture perspective

  2. Energetics and iChing

  3. Suggested spiritual practice

  4. Article from the Light Truthpaper

  5. Optionally, local news (Yorkshire)

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Free Thinkers

The Free Thinkers Report would like to emphasize two key principles:

1. We are not here to change anybody's beliefs or view points.

2. Don't take our word  for anything - Please Do Your Own Research



We also have a Telegram channel. Please join to receive updates, including the latest report when it is uploaded to BitChute.

The link to join the Telegram channel is:

Free Thinkers Group

The Free Thinkers Group is meetup group for like minded people (people who have taken the "Red Pill"). We share information about local issues and also about the Big Picture.

We meet in York for a coffee and chat on Mondays. If you would like to join us, please send me an email at 

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Links to other sites

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FreeNation logo.png

One Earth Nation is is being established for all peace loving people who wish to declare their FREEDOM. It is a free state with simple basic laws - the main one is "Be Harmless". Please check out website for more details of this exciting project.

FreeNation is a grass roots based peaceful organisation that believes in everybody's freedom to speak,think and live. Freenation is a central hub for all free thinking people to come together under one banner


Wake Up Yorkshire is a group of people who feel strongly about being mislead by the government and mainstream media, and who want to share the clear evidence we have about what's going on and why.

5GAwarenessYork banner narrow.png

5G Awareness York is taking action to bring awareness about the potential health and environmental risk from 5G and other EMF radiation to the people of York. Please check out the site if you want to know more about this untested technology (which is uninsurable).

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The OM Peace Foundation is be a portal into the Coming Destiny, the Golden Age of Gaia. This is a place that we have all wished to manifest here on Earth - a loving and joyful community of human beings sharing and co-operating together, living from the Heart, in balance with Nature.

The OM Peace Foundation is the main sponsor to the Free Thinkers Report.

Here is a link to a website about Ocean, the organizer in York of the Free Thinkers group and author of the Free Thinkers Report