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Now on BitChute Free Thinkers Report


Free Thinkers Report

Free Thinkers Report is a YouTube channel that will cover the

  • Big Picture issues on a week by week basis.

  • Geophysical and astrological energetics (and iChing)

  • An Article from the Light Truthpaper

  • suggested spiritual practice

  • and optionally  local news - York and Yorkshire.

The channel is for people who think outside the Box.

Our motto is the Truth Will Out. We are part of the Truther community and want to unmask the lies and fake new and replace it with the TRUTH.



Now on Telegram

Channel music attrubtion

The music used for Free Thinkers Report is Forgiveness by Desert Rose from South Africa. They make really magical music. Thank you for allowing me the use of this track.


Link to YouTube Free Thinkers Report

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